As board-certified internal medicine physicians, we take great pride in serving the individual health needs of our patients. If you need help managing diabetes, hypertension or need a simple immunization, our office in Denver is here offer adult patients the best primary care possible.

Internal Medicine Services Our Doctors Provide:

  • Annual physicals: Our doctors perform physical exams for both men and women. These exams include different health screenings to evaluate an individual’s overall quality of health. This includes taking an individual’s blood pressure, weight and other health indicators. This includes Pap smear tests for women.
  • Care for chronic illnesses: Our doctors are trained to help individuals manage health conditions including diabetes, hypertension and COPD. If you are facing a chronic illness, we are here to provide support. These illnesses may require individuals to make changes to their day-to-day lifestyle. In addition to different types of treatments, we offer diet and exercise education.
  • Some in-house testing: Our office can perform health tests and lab work related blood work, urine testing, EKGs and lung/pulmonary testing. These tests provide vital information about an individual’s overall health.
  • Immunizations and vaccinations: Our doctors can help individuals fight off infections from viruses and bacteria through different vaccinations. Immunizations are an important part of preventive medicine and can create a protective barrier to different infections.
  • Acupuncture: Elizabeth Sebestyen, MD is trained in acupuncture. Dr. Sebestyen inserts needles into specific areas of the body to offer pain relief and treat other health conditions and symptoms.
  • Acute problems: Our doctors can treat acute illnesses and diseases. This includes colds, influenza and other types of infection.

If you have any questions about our primary care and internal medicine services, please contact us by calling our office at (303) 861-7001. You can also schedule an online appointment with any of our doctors.